LL.D. Patrik Schöldström joins Nordenson Advokatbyrå

On 1 March 2019, Patrik Schöldström joins Nordenson Advokatbyrå. Patrik Schöldström’s focus is arbitration and dispute resolution.

He holds a doctorate in law and is an Associate Professor. He is former Judge of Appeal of the Svea Court of Appeal. Prior to that, he was in private practice as a member of the Swedish Bar. For the past three years he has been the Director for the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University.

At Nordenson Advokatbyrå, his practice will be directed to sitting as an arbitrator and giving advice in disputes, including legal opinions. His long experience includes a large number of domestic and international arbitrations (ad hoc and institutional) as counsel and notably arbitrator (chair, sole arbitrator and wing arbitrator). He served as an expert in the public inquiry regarding the 2019 amendments to the Swedish Arbitration Act.

His most recent publication is the book ”Tvistemålsanalys för praktiskt bruk” [Dispute Analysis for Practical Use], published by Jure in 2017. He will continue his legal writing at Nordenson Advokatbyrå.

“We look forward to Patrik joining us at Nordenson Advokatbyrå”, says Per Nordenson. “His skill and long experience adds to the firm’s competence and position in dispute resolution as well as in the firm’s other commercial areas, to the benefit of our domestic and international clients.”

Reorganization and divestment of Scandinavian Venous Centre Sverige AB

Nordenson Advokatbyrå has for the benefit of SVC Holding AB/Scandinavian Venous Centre Sverige AB during the fall of 2018 completed a reorganization and divestment of Scandinavian Venous Centre Sverige AB, Scandinavia’s leading health specialist clinic for varicose veins

Nordenson Advokatbyrå assisted Bratt International when divesting Trigono

Nordenson Advokatbyrå assisted Bratt International when divesting Trigono AB with its Norwegian subsidiary of Equistone-owned Caseking.

Trigono is a distributor of soft and hardware.

Bratt International AB is a holding company which, among other things, owns Studentlitteratur and which, through the divestment of Trigono, streamlines its business.

Caseking was founded in Berlin in 2003 and is a leading European online distributor of high-quality gaming and PC accessories in the B2B and B2C segments.

“We are pleased that Trigono now can continue to develop in a group focused on e-sports and gaming”, says CEO Micael Edler at Bratt International.

“Caseking is a perfect buyer. With Caseking’s support, Trigono will continue to develop its position in the Nordic market as a leading software and hardware distributor through its B2B and retail channels”, says CEO Patric Jönsson at Trigono.

Nordenson Advokatbyrå’s team consisted of lawyer Jonas Deutgen and lawyer Per Nordenson.